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The Major Issues of Transsexual Dating

You hear it hear and there, that there is no hate or discrimination towards transsexuals. You can mainly hear it. The funniest and the saddest thing is that you don't here it from people who either have transsexual friends or who are activists. The statistics, on the contrary, shows different results. Transsexuals faces different threats and issues, when it comes to dating. While you may think that transsexuals are just attention seekers, in reality they are constantly bringing up their problems because their lives are in danger. So, let's have a look at some of the major issues of transsexual dating.

1. Will He Accept Me?

A lot of transsexual people are afraid to tell their partners that they are transsexuals. It takes a lot of courage not to build your relationship upon lies. Certain transsexual women are that afraid of telling their partners the truth, that they put pads with fake blood in trash bins. That's how far it goes sometimes. And that trying to hide one's true identity is not coming from nowhere. A lot of transsexuals were rejected by their partners upon learning the truth or clingy girlfriend signs. Even those partners who accept their transsexual beloved ones needs month to cope with the truth. Some of them leave their partners, as "God has given us our natural bodies, and, I'm really sorry, I can't do that, 'cause it feels not right". It's up to you to choose, which variant is worse.

2. The Society Won't Accept Me!

Another issue, why transgender people hide their true identity is the reaction of the society. Say all you want that nowadays everything is accepted and that LGBT community is threatening the traditional values, but transsexual people are coming under fire from their parents and relatives to society and politicians. Guess where that "God has given us our natural bodies..." is coming from? If your answer is "from the society", you get the jackpot. It is really hard to be different in the society, which still stigmatize everything and everyone who is different. Needless to say, it is really hard to find a partner in the society like that.

3. Life Threat

If two previous points didn't seem quite serious for you, then we need to have a look at the statistics. Approximately twenty transgender women are killed in the United States every year. Aside from the fact that your life is turning into fighting to survive under such circumstances, it is really hard to find a date mate, as there is no guarantee that your partner, upon learning the truth, won't try to kill you in uncontrollable rage or disgust.