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Things to Know Before Dating a Transgender Woman

While a life of a cisgender woman is also full of discrimination from men, it doesn't come close to the level of discrimination that transgender women face. Yes, both cisgender and transgender women get objectified, fetishisized, harassed and murdered. But cisgender women are much more luckier than transgender women on the dating market. Let's say, the chances to find a partner are higher, and the risks to get murdered by your partner are lower. If you are a man who fell in love with a transgender woman, it is great, as love always finds the way. But there are certain rules that you have to follow in order not to spoil your romantic relationship with her.

Don't Bring the Bedroom Talk Up

By saying that, we mean that you should save the bedroom talk for the bedroom. Of course, you are probably very much interested in how a penis can be surgically reconstructed into a vagina, but you can actually Google it. There are even videos on YouTube on the subject. The main point is that you should stop asking your transgender dategirls mate about that. Believe it or not, but transgender women are very much tired from those "what's in your pants?"-questions. They are constantly objectified because of the surgical reconstruction of the genitalia. And the last person who she wants to discuss this topic with is you - her boyfriend. So, avoid talking about the sex change, if you don't want to spoil your relationship.

Don't Judge from the Porn

Yeah, "shemale" may be among the top categories on the porn sites, but it would be ridiculously stupid to think that transgender women in real life act the same way as the do in porn videos. You must remember that what pushes them into sex industry is the poverty in the country. That's why there are a lot of "shemales" in sex escort.

Understand the Reasons

There is a ridiculous theory about the origins of the transgender women. According to a lot of men, transgender women are gays who made a transition in order to fool straight men into sleeping with them. Aside from the fact that bringing up a theory like that would make you sound extremely stupid, such theory is highly transophobic. You do understand that the last person whom your girlfriend wants to sound transophobic is you? So, either Google it, or ask her about it. It's not as silly as asking her about her genitalia being reconstructed.

Last, but not the least, you may won't to sound sweet, but it is better to avoid giving her compliments like "I'd never thought that you were a man". That's not sweet, that's stupid and offensive, so mind that please.